How to Make Pizza in Grilled MicroWave Oven ?

Who doesn’t love pizza? This Italian recipe is one of the beloved recipes all around the globe and even there is restaurant completely dedicated to this. Brands such as dominos and pizza hut offer high-quality pizzas but what if you can make your pizza in your home anytime and it doesn’t require much effort. Though some practice requires but that practice worth it. If you check the oven prices in Pakistan you will find brands which are offering pre-built recipes of different kind of pizzas so you just need to put the pizza bread or dough in the oven press the recipe button and you are done. Here is how you can do.

Pizza dough:

The essential part of pizza making. The ingredients you will need are:

  • Egg: 1 
  • Water: as required
  • Yeast: 1-1/2 Tsp
  • Salt: 1 Tsp 
  • Oil/Ghee: 1 tbsp. 
  • Milk Powder: 2 tbsps.
  • All-Purpose Flour (Maida): 1/2 kg 
  • Sugar: 1/2 Tsp

Now start by Adding yeast, salt, milk powder, sugar, egg, ghee or oil and water to all-purpose flour and mix well. Now add sugar and water to the mixture (as per requirement) and knee well. Make sure you knead it well in order to remove all the bubbles. Once you are done kneading it, let it set aside and cover it with the cloth for 30 minutes.

Preparing the Pizza Sauce

You can find various type of readymade pizza sauce. They are convenient to use and if you aren’t sure about your pizza sauce recipe then you can opt for it but you can make it by yourself.

  • 1 large onion (minced)
  • 1/4 tsp. of salt
  • 1/4 tsp. of black peppers
  • 1 tbsp. of butter
  • 1 tbsp. of olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic (minced)
  • 500 grams of fresh tomatoes
  • 500 grams of tomato puree
  • 1/4 tsp. of oregano
  • 1/4 tsp. of basil

Now in a large pan, melt the butter with olive oil and completely but slowly completely sauté the garlic & onion. Add black pepper, oregano, tomatoes, salt, basil, and puree. Bring all ingredients to boil and simmer covered for 90 minutes, gradually stir and mash tomatoes with the masher. Keep it doing until the consistency is about the rich soup. Don’t forget to strain the sauce to remove seeds and peels.

Topping and Baking

A number of topping options available from Mozzarella Cheese (Obviously!) to Chicken, Green Peppers, Onions, Spinach, Green Chilies, Tomatoes, Olives (Green or Black), Pineapple, Cooked beef cubes, Mushrooms or anything which you can eat. Now it’s baking time. Take the kneaded dough ball and with the rolling pin flat it, grease the pan with oil. Put the pizza down in the pan, spread pizza sauce put a layer of mozzarella cheese and add topping. Take the oregano powder and red pepper and sprinkle it. Now put mozzarella cheese on it and put in the oven on high for about 7-8 minutes. If you aren’t sure about the temperature then ty smart oven with a prebuilt pizza recipe.

Benefits of Shopping From Online Electronic Store

As the technology is evolving, our lifestyle is being affected day by day. One of the major changes has occurred is the shopping. Shop online has become one of the major in last decade and for the majority of people, online shopping is very convenient and beneficial for various reasons. Visit any online electronic store and you can experience by yourself. Due to the increasing popularity of online electronic stores, now a huge number of online stores offering great offers and options to buy electronics with an ease and also various reputed brands are offering online purchase option as well. As electronics are being used heavily, the online electronic shops are offering huge benefits to the buyers as well.

Benefits of Online Electronic Store

One of the major benefits of the online electronic store is that they offer a great range of electronics from different brands which mean you will have numerous options to buy be it is a tablet, PC, Laptop, washer, TV or mobile phones. You will have a huge range of selection and even sometimes you can have the limited edition products as well which are hard to find in retail stores. This makes the electronic store a perfect place to shop.

The benefits are not limited to this only; you can get the best price as well. Once you decided to buy any electronic product you will find various store offering the best price and for most of the buyers, it is much easier to buy online than any retail store due the pricing factor and when it is the festive season or any occasional discount you can get as low as half of the original price on various useful items. And with discount, you can even get free shipping and sometimes complementary gifts as well.

If you are living in a continent where certain brands do not launch their products officially or even don’t have access to their products such as various Chinese flagship mobile devices, some reputed laptop brands and more. The online electronic store offers you the convenience of such high-quality brands which you may not find officially in your region or in the retailer stores around you. Not only just that, you can get the best quality products directly from those reputed brand stores without any hassle and without being paid extra.

Thus, the online electronic stores have much to offer to the consumers and can benefit you in various ways including discount sale, gift coupons and more. All you need is to find the one which suits you most.

Refrigerator Price in Pakistan- Avoid Refrigerator Problems

Electronic appliances don’t last forever even you buy it from the most hardcore brands. They can last for years or maybe over a decade but you can’t keep them forever working (in many instances). Refrigerators are no exception in this case as well. If you search the Refrigerator Price in Pakistan you will find various options but not every refrigerator is good enough to last longer. However, with some proper care and Tips, you can simply make the most out of your refrigerator. Here is how you can help your refrigerator last longer.

Taking care of the Refrigerator

Remember the old proverb, “Cleanliness is holiness” well this applies best to your refrigerators. You can simply extend your refrigerator’s life by keeping them clean. Taking the expired food and element out regularly and maintaining a cleaning routine will keep it shining and fresh. Also, this will prevent the mold production as well. Another thing you should opt for is opting for the right temperature. Right temperature of the refrigerator will help you to keep it fresh. Do not keep the temperature too low. It is better to keep the temperature under 37 to 40 Fahrenheit as this won’t let start the growth of the bacteria in the products which you don’t to get frozen such as milk.

If you check the fridge doors you will find the rubber gasket around the front corner of the door which is responsible for sealing the cold air in the fridge. If you or your spouses have a habit of slamming the door too hard this will damage the gasket of the door and will damage the rubber and your fridge won’t be able to store the cold air. Always close the door gently and it is better to keep checking the rubber.

Condenser coils exhaust the hot air in order to prevent the machine work better. In order to keep them working, make sure to clean the dirt so it won’t affect the performance of coils by accumulating on them. The back panel can be removed for these purposes but make sure you don’t break the panel. Another thing you should understand that your fridge needs to be filled. This might be a new thing for you but that is true. This is important for it to maintain the low temperature. Even if you don’t eat much or more like eat out person then you can simply put some water jugs inside.

Last but not the least; don’t open the doors of the fridge when the electricity is out. A closed fridge can store your food for hours and a freezer can maintain its temperature for about 48 hours. We all know the Dawlance refrigerator price in Pakistan or alike are not higher which is why maintaining your fridge condition is important.

Why Is An Inverter AC In Pakistan Worth It?

It is natural for being human that we need to keep our self-cool while its hot outside. In modern days a number of new ways are invented which can be used to keep them cool or the living area cool. Air-conditioner is very common these days but in Pakistan (and almost everywhere around the globe) find it a bit pricey ways of getting cold while its warm and humid weather. Thanks to the new technology, now it is possible to get the cool air without making any burden to your budget with the inverter ACs. There is number of companies offering inverter AC in Pakistan. Because of them, it is much easier to get the luxury of cool air in the scorching heat of JUNE and JULY or in whole summer without any hassle.

What Is Inverter Air Conditioning Technology And Why It Is Good?

Let’s talk about this innovative technology. We usually keep the temperature of the room according to our requirement. In order to maintain the temperature of the room the compressor of the AC will need to work accordingly which will require the more consumption of the electricity. Just when the temperature of the room is maintained, the compressor will trip out and the blower will work slowly. But by the time if the room temperature is started to increase the compressor will start to work again. Though this seems no problem and even quite convenient but it is ironic that rapid tripping causes more consumption of electricity.

This is where the inverter technology saves the day as it won’t let the compressor Tripped out and keep the compressor working accordingly. In simple word, it would be better to say that it maintains the compressor’s speed according to the room temperature and slows down the compressor if the room temperature is up to the Requirement.

Benefits of Inverter Technology

The only reasons that people tend to avoid Dawlance inverter AC in Pakistan or any other brands because of the pricing. Yes, they seem little expansive as to compare with the traditional ACs but the overall benefits compensate the price factor over the few years. They are quite eco-friendly and also budget friendly. If you just deduct the pricing factor you can understand this very well. Your overall electricity will significantly.

It is much reliable option comparing to the traditional ACs. They don’t produce much noise and even more, they last longer due to the latest technological upgrades and low consumption of electricity. Though you can find old model ACs at much lower rates if you are planning to reduce the burden on your budget then go for the inverter ACs in Pakistan. Just spends now and get the best results in next month.

LED Prices in Pakistan – Taking Care of Your LED TV

With the passage of time, the technology has evolved too much and transformed over lives. One of the major parts of our lives which have transformed heavily is the TV. Our entertainment partner has transformed from the heavy square BOX to thin liquid crystal display. Once they were quite heavily priced but now if you check the LED prices in Pakistan you will find numerously reputed and new brands providing high-quality TVs at many affordable prices. However, as the sizes of the TVs have changed they required extra care as well. The screen looks good but they require care from scars, cuts or anything alike in order to run longer. Here is how you can take care of your LED TVs.

LED Care

One of the major enemies of LED TVs is the direct sunlight. While placing your LED TVs, make sure you keep them in a space where there won’t be any direct sunlight exposure. Direct sunlight will damage the overall display of your LED so make sure they are safe from it. Dust is another major enemy of LED TVs. They can cover the ventilation of LED TVs which will result in overheating the LED much faster. Also, dust interferes the display which will decrease the display quality as well. It is better to maintain a daily cleaning routine of the area where you have your LED TV and other electronic appliances. Mind that, it is not just LED but dust can cause electrical damage. You can clean off the dust daily with a soft duster and now there are specified liquids for LED TV  but don’t spray them directly on screen and don’t you ever clean them while electricity is still connected to them.

Placement of TV and More

Another way you can take care of LED TV is by placing your TV in right way possible. Place your TV on the wall with about 10 cm distance and not only just LEDs but every electronic item in order to save them from quick heating. Also, make sure the LED TV doesn’t have any other electronic item near it as the electromagnetic field might cause the problem to the display. Another overlooked thing is maintaining the temperature of the room. Maintaining the humidity and temperature of the room plays an important role n the performance of the LED TV. Here is a pro tip that you can use Air conditioners in order to maintain the temperature of the electronic appliances and keep them in working condition as long as you want. All you need is to take a proper care of your electronic appliances you are having the best time with them.

LED TV Pakistan – SAMSUNG VS SONY Which Is Best?

If you are looking for some LED TV options then you will need to consider various options which will affect your choice. Factors such as Budget and LED TV features will affect your choice. There are various brands providing high quality LED TVs in Pakistan but you will find Samsung and SONY the leading brand LED TVs as both have designed some of the best looking and performing TVs which will confuse you which one should be left and which one should be your choice. We all know over the years how Samsung and SONY have developed some of the best-LED technology and gained huge sales. However, if you aren’t sure about selecting either of them then here is how you can make up your mind which one should be your choice.


Sony undoubtedly has produced amazing looking LED TVs. Bravia for instances. The color contrast, image sharpness is just mind blowing and over the years, it has improved a lot. The reason behind the quality of the SONY’s LED TVs is the advanced picture processing to display images which enhance the overall quality of the display. With this, the images have excellent brightness, genuine details, and highest resolution possible. Another reason which makes the SONY the leading LED brand is their Triluminos Display Technology. This technology creates true and natural shades of colors and shows the images with the widest color spectrum which a television can offer. This makes the images look much detailed with realistic skin color. Another reason to go for SONY LED TVs is the built-in WIFI feature. It is much easier to stream your phone’s video directly to LED and enjoy HD video anytime and with the Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology, you can enjoy dynamic sound as well.


Samsung has marked its name in the phone market over the years as the most innovative brand and so is in the LEDs as well. One of the major reasons that we love Samsung LED TVs is their huge screen size which can add a charm in your lounge and with the screen size the lighting and contrast present the images in much detail. With such screen size, one can have the great cinematic experience in its lounge without any hassle. With Samsung’s Quad-detail enhancement technology and precision backlight technology, you can expect to see images as good as they could be. Samsung is also improving their quality and reputation by providing new features such as built-in WIFI, built-in cameras, and improved TV apps to enjoy the TV way better than ever.


SONY LEDs cost more than the Samsung but if you are opting for high-resolution images and high-quality built-in features then SONY is your thing but if you want to enjoy stunning details with huge screen size than Samsung is your thing but keep in mind that we are not recommending or representing any brands because, in the end, the choice is always yours.

Future of Online Electronic Store In Pakistan

As the time is passing by, the number of internet users is increasing day by day and there is a huge number of people out there who tend to shop online rather than visiting the shop physically. One of the great features of online shopping is the online electronics store in Pakistan. This is something that is becoming more and more popular these days for various positive reasons. Now it is easier to buy electronics products online either for home or for the office has become a lot convenient because of the huge variety of electronics at single site make it much convenient for user to buy and compare the features of single product from different brands such as a refrigerator from different brands available in that region.

Why Is It Good?

Among the various features, one of the best features is the way you can check the products from different brands and compare their features. If the consumer finds a product online and not sure about its various features then Google is the ultimate way to find out what are the pros and cons of the product which is definitely not easier while visiting the various electronics shop physically. Another major benefit is the secure and easy payment options. Online electronic store in Pakistan offers you various methods of payments which are hard to find in traditional markets. A number of online electronic store offer huge sales on various occasion our the years and if you subscribed to their news latter you will be notified with it and one will not miss any chance to get the quality home electronic products at best price or even at the much-reduced price.

User-Friendly Navigation and More

If you visit various online electronics shops online you will find a very easy to use stylish and intuitive user interface which feels very inviting and even more they are much easier to use and navigation is great which makes the online shopping for electronic great fun. Usually when there is a sale time, such as Black Friday, Christmas or any other end season or festive season sale the stores are filled with people and items seems to vanish very quickly but it is not the case with the online electronic stores In Lahore because you can timely visit their website. And what’s better is that E-commerce websites usually have their single dedicated hosting which means the performance of the websites doesn’t lower down and you can enjoy the seamless shopping experience with an ease. It would be better to say that the future of shopping has become very hassle-free with it and it has become very convenient to buy electronics online with them. Just visit by yourself and feel the change.


Cooking is fun isn’t that? But not for everyone, as most of us avoid cooking because of not knowing enough about things like frying, and difference among the spices. But what is more difficult is baking. Mostly because of preparing the oven for every recipe, but thanks to technology, now this doesn’t seem a big problem these days. Now getting your meal ready or preparing some of the best exotic recipes because of the Dawlance SMART OVENS. With the evolving technologies, the home appliances are becoming smarter. Traditional ovens may become the story of the past as the smart ovens are becoming the latest trend in the market. Now you can have guaranteed healthier and nutrition filled food without any hassle because of the Smart ovens. All you need is to check the oven prices in Pakistan and find out what is best for you.

Features of Smart Ovens

From low temperature to overcooking make things worse and to make the matter worst the cleaning is another harder thing to happen with it. This is where the smart ovens become a breeze of fresh air. One of the major features of these new ovens is that they have smart temperature option. You don’t have to get worried about the undercooked or overcooked food. The new OVENS are equipped with the smart cooking options. Now you don’t have to worry about undercooked pasta or overcooked lasagna because these ovens are programmed to cook them according to the right temperature. Also, if you search this Ovens in Pakistan you will find various options which have built-in local recipes option which simply means you just need to put the ingredients and press the button for the recipe and you are done. Leave the rest in the oven.

Benefits of Smart Ovens

One of the major benefits you will enjoy is the healthy cooking. Now you can enjoy the healthy cooking and cook them even by yourself like a pro without any hassle. If you are into cooking local recipe but don’t know much about cooking then a number of SMART oven is equipped with the programmed local recipes which simply mean you can just cook without harming the ingredient with a single touch. Also, various models come with the ceramic interior makes it much easier for you clean the oven. You don’t have to worry about strong smells or anything relate to it because of the ease of cleaning. In simple words, the smart oven has much to offer to immature cooks as well as for the professional chefs. Just look for the right smart OVENS IN Pakistan and enjoy the convenience of cooking all the time.

All You Need To Know About Water Dispenser

When it comes to drinking clean and fresh water, no needs to address about this as we all understand how crucial it is for every human being. In our daily life, it is always stressed on drinking the fresh water anytime you need to. In our office workspace, the water usually obtained from the water dispenser. It is a lot easier to buy water dispenser in Pakistan without any hassle. It is usually a machine which can provide us cool and hot water any time either for drinking or for the coffee making.

Water Cooler or Dispenser Features

When you will look for Water Cooler or Dispenser Features you will find them with the at least single faucet but you will also find with two or 3 tap options as well. You can choose the one which suits you most. If you would like to you can skip the one with the hot water option as most of us don’t really use it. While checking the water dispenser price in Pakistan you can check these features as well. There are some other features which you will need to check such as child safety lock for the hot water tap, enough spacing if someone wants to refill their personal water bottles, mugs or long glasses.

Talk about the temperature of the water then there is not any standard for the water temperature for the water dispenser as they vary from size to size. Also when it comes to cooling it highly depend on the compressor of the dispenser however if a dispenser has a storage area in the bottom and smaller countertop will be more likely to be less cool than another type of dispenser.

You can also opt for the water dispensers which have water filtration system installed within the water dispenser Pakistan. There is a different type of filtration system available with different kind of dispensers and if you are the one require the water filtration system then this kind of cooler and water dispenser is good for you.

Benefits of Water Dispenser

The water dispenser online can give you and your employees’ instant access to the fresh water. This will have a positive impact on human health and will improve your employee’s overall productivity by keeping them hydrated. You don’t need to have separate plumbing in your office and can simply put this dispenser in your office. Another benefit of the water dispenser is their portability. They can be placed anywhere in the offices they just require plugs. You don’t have to worry about the fresh and chilled water because of these water dispensers and the regular maintenance is quite easier as well.

In simple words, the water dispenser is the convenient and modern option of getting fresh water in the office. Just get yourself from reputed brands such as, Haier, annex, action and alike and feel the difference.

Benefits of Buying a Smart Air Conditioner

Summer is around the corner and weather has started to indicate. Summer is all about the pool party, patio party and barbeque nights but another thing which comes to mind is the warmer weather which tends to get hotter during the mid of summer. The uncomfortable humid nights and Sweltering hot days need to be maintained with the help of the best quality air conditioners such as GREE air conditioners in order to set your cooling game in sweaty weather. Though traditional air conditioners can help you to overcome the situation recently the smart orient air conditioners have gained popularity. They are the air conditioners which are connected to the Wi-Fi or another sort of internet which let the user control over their smart-phone, tablets or related devices. They offer a lot the users.

Benefits of the Smart Air Conditioner

When you are coming back from your work or from a tour in summer one of the annoying things you will face is the way your house fell like a hot and boiling pot. It is a common problem to anyone who is living in the warmer environment. This is when the smart air conditioner comes in handy. The smart AC can be programmed to cool your house according to the temperature. This doesn’t require your Haier Air conditioner to run all day in order to cool down as they just need to be connected to the internet and you can simply use the remote access feature and some app which will be designed specifically for your AC model.

With the traditional air conditioners, it is impossible to program the preset temperature and once you set them there is just on or off options. But with the smart air conditioners, you will be able to use whenever it fist in your schedule and you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort at all. Also, the newer smart ACs has better power efficiency which makes them worthy of the price because of their power saving features.

Convenience on the Go

One of the best things about the orient smart ACs is the convenience of usage. You will be able to control all the features of the air conditioner anywhere where you have Wi-Fi or internet. Not only just on the go, just use your smartphone or tablet while sitting on the couch and adjust the fan speed, temperature with moving a bit while lying on your couch. Many smart air conditioners offer to schedule the runtime whatever suits you most which means you don’t have to be exactly in your house and just use your smartphone to program your air conditioner to cool down your house.