Myths about inverter AC

Unlike any other cooling methods, the inverter AC is one of the best options to stay cool in this scorching heat without any hassle. An inverter AC from any reputed brand such as Haier, Gree, Dawlance or orient AC is best if you want to worth of the money you have spent. However, not everyone around us is aware of how beneficial the inverter technology could be. There are still FAQs which have become myths for many and they are the reasons that people are still hesitated about buying the inverter ac. Here are some of the common myths about the inverter ac which you know about.

Energy usage is same

This is perhaps one of the most common myths about the inverter ACS that they just use the same amount of energy as the traditional notion of inverter AC which is not true. The inverter technology in air conditioners was introduced so they could use less amount of electricity and could help you save on the electricity bill.

They just got fancy names

Many people believe that they are just like normal ACs and there is nothing better they are offering. This is absolutely false. They are highly efficient and offer features such as programmable fan speed, temperature and heat and cool air option which make them highly efficient which make them a worthy investment in the appliance.

They Require Heavy Maintenance

A huge number of people believe that the inverter ACs requires heavy maintenance and they also don’t work for too long. Here is something you know. A number of newer inverter AC model such as Gree inverter AC 18aith11 are not just marketed as a long runner because of the smart technology they require less maintenance and can run for a longer period of time which means you can enjoy a long period of working ac without any hassle.

The price is higher

For those who haven’t searched for this much this might be true but in general, it isn’t true. There are various reputed brands which are offering a good price for the inverter AC models which will not make a hole in your pocket.

All you need is a good research. Take your time and search for the right model for you and if you are visiting your local market then ask your retailer or sales about what do you need and get recommendations. They often provide the models which suit one’s need.

Benefits of Electronics Installment Plan

We all have desires to buy new products at its best but not the desire sometimes it the matter of time that we need to buy something for our home, room or even for study but not everyone of is able to afford everything especially the newest tech, kitchen appliances or LED TVs. Sometimes even we find some of the hottest features in a tech such as alien ware laptops on offer or the latest model’s inverter AC or cooking range but we neither have enough money or our salary isn’t good enough in such series the best thing to do is to opt for an installment plan. It’s been a long time that EMI system is working at its best in Pakistan but now online installment in Lahore is not hard to find as various online stores are offering Online Installment Plans.

Why Should You Opt For It?

There come times when you don’t have enough money. It is something that doesn’t happen too often to the low salaried persons but it may happen even with those with good income but they don’t have a full price to pay or you just don’t want to pay full price at the first time. Instead of making a hole in your wallet you can simply sign up for most suitable installment plan which won’t sure be a burden on the pocket.

There are several occasions where online stores offer huge discounts such as mother’s day offer, end of month sale, first-week sales etc. The price is usually a bargain and instead of wasting such occasions it is better to avail form such sale offers and instead of worrying about full payment you can go for the installment plan online.

Your cooking range isn’t working properly or the dishwasher needed to be replaced or you the washing machine is small or just too old and there is a new washing machine which has several latest feature which can make the daily chore much easier and quick but you have run out of your salary or again the salary won’t let you pay full amount so you can simply opt for the installment plan and stop worrying about the pricing.

Things to Consider For Installment Plan

Though there shouldn’t be any doubt that the installment plan in Lahore, Islamabad or any other major city offers a lot to the consumer and convenient but it is better to read the contract and double check the amount you are about to pay for monthly EMI. Another Thing to consider is to check the terms and condition to avoid any possible negative consequences with the vendor or installment provider.

With the popper care and consideration, you can enjoy a seamless installment plan and enjoy the luxury of brand new and latest items without any hassle.

Top Mount Freezers Vs the Chest Freezers

If you are up to buying the new then you will get two major options. The top mount freezers which are one freezer in Pakistan of the most common household items in our kitchens. The top mounted freezers usually come with the refrigerators in the bottom and they are usually vertically. Another type is the chest freezer which is usually related to those kinds of persons who have to store a large amount of frozen food or doing some sort of business which requires storing things for a longer period of time such as restaurants. However, if you are wondering which type of freezer will suit you most here is what you need to know.

Top mounted freezers

One of the earliest types of the freezer and perhaps the quite common one is the top mounted freezer which usually comes with the refrigerator part. Top freezer refrigerators are perfect for people who take a look at the food which is stored in the freezer more frequently. The food items can be stored and organized horizontally and accessing them is much easier. The major advantage relates to the vertical freezer is that it doesn’t use much space and they are best to place in traditional kitchen areas. They are smart enough to fit in the hallway so their relocation is easier. On the other hand, they don’t offer much space to store frozen items and not recommended for the people who have to store a large number of frozen items. They require more electricity to frost and offer auto frost which freezes faster.

Chest freezers

Chest freezers are relatively larger and offer much space to store a large number of frozen items. It is usually preferred by the restaurants or other commercial users. Many households which mostly require to store frozen food or alike prefer using the chest freezers. Food is usually stacked in them, which is why it sometimes seems hard to find a specific item in it. Some new freezer such as Haier freezer offer dividers which is convenient for storage of food. They can freeze the items for the longer period of time as upon opening not much outer air gets in which is another reason that they don’t use much electricity and they also comes with the manual defrost feature as well. They are recommended to those who need to take a look at their food too often or need to use their freezer too often. They are also priced a bit lower than the vertical freezer.

Now you know the difference between both of these freezers, it should be easier what suits your needs the most because, in the end, it is up to the customer’s choice. There are several affordable vertical and chest freezers you can find online or you can ask directly the Deep Freezer Price from your local retailer and choose what suits your needs the most.

How Should You Buy The Deep Freezer?

You may be wondering what you shouldn’t buy a standalone freezer. Though you may not need it there are various circumstances when buying a freezer is crucial. A number of people who buy deep freezers in Pakistan are usually those who tend to buy food in bulk and want to store it in the much better way. You may be a person who loves gardening and need to secure their produce or a restaurant owner or chef want to save bulk meat for next week menu or you simply just want to upgrade your old freezer, in either scenario, you will need to understand how you should buy the freezer for your best.

Types of Freezers

If this is your first freezer then mind that there are two types of freezers, chest freezer and vertical freezer. While upright freezers are traditional freezer with normal shelving units and a single door, the storage of food is simple and easy. The chest, however, has a smaller footprint but also offer a wide space to store food item. Some models offer bins and divider option as well as it is hard to see the bottom food item they come with organizing option.

Energy Efficiency

With new technology, the makers of appliances are trying to making the home appliances more energy efficient which has become the first priority. While selecting the freezer to make sure to check the energy-smart label on the appliances as they will be at least 10 percent more energy efficient than standard models. Opt for chest models if you are up to more energy saving side as not much air passes through when it is opened and they use manual defrost system that doesn’t consume more electricity.


When it comes to size, various reputed brands such as Haier Freezers come in small which is about 6 cubic feet to large 20 cubic feet. If you have already bought freezer at first, you will have an idea about your place and your needs but if this is your first freezer then make sure you understand the industry standards. When you are shopping, consider what you are planning to store in them. Also, don’t forget to consider the floor space where you are about to place the freezer.

Further Features

While shopping for freezers in Pakistan, along with the automatic defrosting you can also look for several other features as well.

  • Convenient shelving
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Interior light
  • Safety locks
  • Quick-freeze feature
  • For manual defrost units the Easy-to-reach drain


Consider the space allocation where you are about to place your freezer and make sure the door or the arcs are wide enough where the freezers will have to move. As per various manufacturers, it is better to keep the freezer in the area which won’t go below freezing or won’t go up to 110 degrees. Keep in mind these recommendations while purchasing.

When you are about to shop for the freezer in your local market you can discuss it with the vendor as well and let them know about your requirements. You can find various affordable pieces of appliances such as PEL and waves freezers as well which won’t affect your pocket.Visit Abid Market lahore to buy all kind of Home Appliances.

How Can The Orient Smart Ac Benefit You?

Imagine you are coming back from outside on a sunny afternoon and upon entering you find a chilled room waiting for you? Or you are coming back in the evening from work to your home and your living room is already chilled waiting for you to lay back and relax in chilled or cool down the room. You don’t have to worry about waiting for operating the ac upon entering instead you can simply use your smartphone for the Orient smart AC to control the whole air condition system. The smarter AC range from orient is here to provide you not only save on electricity but they enable you to live smarter, better and you can even get informed about their usage.

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Smart AC perks

One of the major benefits of the smart AC is the freedom of control from anywhere and at everywhere. If you want that the Air Conditioner should start before you reach home you can use your Smartphone to command your air conditioner and it will work and same if you forgot to turn off your air conditioner and just remembered when you reached in your office don’t worry and just turn it off via your Smartphone.

We at Orient design our products keeping the modern customer in mind. Since we know our users love data, we give you access to electricity consumption details via understandable charts and graphs. If you aren’t a fan of sending commands every day and moment then all you need is to schedule your whole week and the smart orient inverter AC will automatically turn off, and on and set the temperature without letting you bother.

Have a previous gen AC? Wondering how can you avail the benefits of smart AC? No need to panic as with the smart KIT and your AC will work just like the smart AC. You can get the smart KIT without any hassle from the orient e-commerce store. Visit your local electronic markets such as Abid market Lahore or your nearest electronic store and get your smart orient air conditioner now.

The Best Online Electronic Store in Lahore Pakistan

In some recent years, the online shopping has become a huge trend in Pakistan. A huge number of potential buyers are looking for more options to buy electronics online. One of the major reasons that the huge numbers of online stores are emerging because of the busy lifestyle potential customers tends to avoid hours and hours in the crowded market or malls to buy what they want. People are looking for more hassle-free option to purchase what they are looking for. The electronics is one of the largest categories in any online store; however, the option may feel limited because of various factors. If someone is looking for various options from home appliances to office electronics in Lahore then is the name to trust.

Why just started a few years ago and by the time it starts to operate they were ready to have a separate identity in the market as they had already gained a reputation in the market. After finding that a huge number of people looking for the online option then emerged as the electronic store solely for the people looking for a huge range of home appliances, kitchen appliances and various other categories in electronics. It is offering not only high-quality electronics from reputed brands such as Samsung, LG, SONY to other brands such Haier, Dawlance, annex, Mitsubishi and more at the price which are hard to beat but the quality which you can only find in here.

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If you are looking for sales and bundle offer then also has to offer. In Lahore, Abid market (where the shop actually located) they were perhaps the first ever retailers who offered a huge 40% sale on all electronics. Indeed an innovative thing to happen ever at the local electronics store. Also, they are offering the free delivery on every local order too.

For those who cannot buy appliances with the full price because of lack of money, Mabdullah does come with the option of installment option as well. So anyone who wants to buy any kind of home appliances then you can apply for installments with a very little percentage of markups.

Mabdullah Corporate

Mabdullah is no longer dealing only local level as it has gone a little further with the corporate sector. We understand the corporate requirement from hospitals, colleges to schools, malls, and organizations. The expert support team of Mabdullah electronics is offering the best price to the corporate sectors and active customer service can provide you assistance all the time. Now you can buy in bulk all sort of electronic appliances without any hassle at Mabdullah electronic.

If you want to have a hassle-free best online electronic store then you can visit the or visit their store at Abid market Lahore.

Haier inverter AC – Reasons to Choose an Inverter Air Conditioner

Summer has started and so the search for finding the right option to keep the living and working space cool. We all know the hot weather of summer comes with humid atmosphere, sweating and all we want is the chilling arctic winds for our house and office. It is time to but the Air conditioner for summer and the local market is full of a huge variety of inverter and non inverter AC. From Dawlance, Gree and Daiken to Samsung, LG to Haier inverter AC and having an inverter AC has its own perks. However, you need to know that an inverter AC is best you can have for your home or office. There are various convincing reasons to get the inverter AC.
Why Should Inverter AC Be Bought?
It must be great news for those who want to save on electricity bills. If you have already used traditional AC you will understand this point. The traditional ACs runs at full capacity and even when you don’t need much cooling the compressor keeps on running that which uses more electricity. Not only just that the compressor starts and stops continuously and every time it restarts it use high voltage which causes increases in electricity bills.
On the other hand, the inverter AC has the variable speed of the fan and just when the room temperature is normal it gets slower but doesn’t stop instead, the fan runs slowly and this doesn’t cause any power surge and by this way, the power consumption is lower and save on electricity.
If you don’t like the outdoor unit nearby and want it to be placed in a way that it doesn’t seem visible to everyone then you should look for the inverter AC. Because of the Inverter Technology, the longer length of pipe can be connected between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit which is why installing the outdoor unit at a longer distance is much easier.
With the inverter AC, you can have a constant level of comfort as inverter AC such as HAIER INVERTER 12SGF can maintain their fixed temperature so you no longer feel the heat or chill cycle over time. Because of the inverter technology, the AC doesn’t start and stop again and again. Because it keeps on running at low speed without stopping doesn’t cause much noise result in more calm operation and also this is the reason of lesser tear and wears in the inverter ACs so the lifespan of the inverter ACs is greater than the non inverter ACs.
The pricing factor, however, may not be favorable for many as various inverters ACs are priced a little higher. But the advantages and features an inverter AC offer is way higher than the price but there are various affordable inverter AC options are available as well. Local markets such as Abid market Lahore offer a huge variety in inverter ACs. Visit your local electronic market or order from the reputed online electric store

Things You Need To Know Before Buying an AC

Summer is always a big deal in continents such as Pakistan. The climate condition is harsh as the summer gets hotter and hotter and winter is bone-chilling this is why having a proper option to get your house cold or hot with the weather accordance. As the summer is almost started you will be looking for air conditioner and before you look for Haier, orient or Gree inverter AC, make sure you understand which suits you most and worth of your money. Here is how you can buy the AC at its best.

Buying the Right AC

First off all you should know that there are different types of ACs. Windows AC and split units are two major types of ACs you can find both have their own perks. It is all up to you what you find suitable according to your needs. Windows AC are those which are usually placed in windows area just like the room air coolers. They don’t have compressor apart from the AC.

The major benefit of the window ACs is that they are suitable for the smaller areas or rooms. They are easier to install as they just require a window. No complex methods or specific professionals required. They also offer heating function as well so they can even be used in winter as well.

On the other hands, the split ACs have compressor separated and the AC unit can be installed on any wall. It can cool faster because of the wider blower and many of them such as Gree inverter AC 18AITH11 come with inverter technology which is able to save on electricity bills more than 60%. They don’t make much noise while operating.

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Capacity, Power Consumption and More

Another thing to consider is their capacity. It is important to ask your vendor which capacity of the AC is best for your room. They usually come with 1, 1.5 and 2-ton capacity it is better to know your room size and which sort of AC will benefit you most. If you are on saving side along with the performance then you will still need to spend a bit extra on inverter AC.

The inverter technology has proven to be significantly providing savings on electricity consumption. Though they cost a bit more but the price you pay is worth it. You can have a chilled environment in your living space without worrying about the bills and maintenance cost as inverter ACs don’t only save your money on bills but they do offer long run than traditional ACs.

Last but not the least is to check out your desired model for extra features such as heat and cooling, dehumidifier and antibacterial filter. Visit your local electronic market such as Abid market Lahore or shop online but make sure to find the best AC which is worthy your time and money.

Why Should Gree Inverter AC In Pakistan Be Your Preference?

It is easier for an individual to save on electricity while enjoying cool air in the scorching heat of summer in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a diverse climate from scorching heat to bone-chilling winter you can find everything here without any hassle. Summer is one of the longest and perhaps one of the hardest seasons especially because of load shedding which won’t let you sit in peace. The best way to get you keep cool in the summer is buying the air conditioner. One of the best buys for an air conditioner for you would be the Gree inverter AC. Gree is already providing stylish consumer products in Market and the new inverter air conditioner is no exception. You will still find the premium looking product with Elegant White Glossy finish, Ultra Low Noise Control, Auto Restart and various other latest features. Almost every major local

Why Inverter ACs?

As the market trends are transforming in Pakistan, now consumers are also very conscious about how they should get the most out of their purchase. For some years, the inverter ACs are taking over the market either offline or online. Major electronic markets such as Abid market Lahore and various others in big cities are selling inverter ACs because of various positive reasons. Inverter Technology is the latest innovation in the AC technology. In order to continuously regulate the temperature, the inverter is the inverter is used to control the speed of the electric motor. One of the major reasons that make the investors AC a great choice of their being low energy consumption. Not only limited to this, they don’t require much power to start and can even start at low power watts as well. They have almost no tendency of tripping and can automatically slow down once the room temperature is on the desired level and won’t stop but will constantly work.

Gree inverter ACs

Because of load shedding and rising high prices of electricity these days Gree has come up with their new inverter air conditioning solutions which are able to save electricity up to 60%, compared with the regular ACs.

They are offering the Energy Efficiency Ratio up to 4.0 (E.E.R). The company has launched the new “VOILA” smart inverter AC. They are equipped with the feature of heating and cooling. The AC is according to the European standards and available in 1 Ton (12000 BTUs), 1.5 Ton (18000 BTUS) & 2 ton (24000 BTUS) capacities, using the latest G10 inverter. Another model you can look for GREE INVERTER AC 18AITH11 which is widely available already in your local electronic market.

Because of the bigger Outdoor condenser, the new ACs is able to provide better cooling and heating. It comes with the ceiling cooling and floor heating system and other features as well. With such huge features and benefits, it sure is a must buy this summer.

Why filters are so important for the Air conditioners?

It is the time of the year that we are now getting ready for hot weather. Buying best air conditioner in Pakistan for the home, getting our wardrobe organized. Especially for the country like Pakistan where summer is always the longest season (7 months), it is hard to live without a better cooling option. If you already have an air conditioner then you will be getting it ready for this season. Before you prepare your home for scorching heat of summer then you must know about the key factor which can highly affect the cooling of your air conditioner, the filters. The cleaner the filets are the more efficient and better cooling of air condition would be. Though you might be thinking that it’s just a filter, I must clean it and chill but here is what you should know about this little but integral part of your AC.

Importance of Filters

Changing the filter might seem a smaller yet easiest job you can do with your air conditioner but there are about these filters. One of the major reason that why the filters are so important that they are the reason that you get cleaner air from the air conditioner. Just check out the indoor unit for the filters and you will realize the amount of dust and debris that they filter every day to provide you cleaner air. However, if you didn’t care about this part then you sure will regret as this will cause not only the low level of the cooling but also will cause some serious respiratory problems to you and your family. Not only just this, if you didn’t care about the cleaning of the filters then after one or two seasons the accumulated dirt and filth will be so hard that the cleaning of the filter will become a tough and costly job and can even damage the machine itself.


Now you have understood the importance of the fresh filters now it is time to talk about keeping your filters fresh. You must know that there are two types of filters. One which can be reused after a wash and other ones which are disposable, if you have a reusable filter then you will first need to locate the filter in your system. Once you have located them. Get them out and wash them thoroughly under the tap water. Let them dry completely and once they are dried install them. Make sure you have put the filter in their right place and don’t turn on the AC before installing them. For better performance, make sure to clean the filter once in three months so you don’t have to clean the huge mess. Just mind these things about the filter in order to make your air conditioner last longer and work efficiently.