Types of washing machines and leading brands of washing machines in Pakistan

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When it comes to washing clothes, the washing machine is the name of the game. But having a machine that is energy-efficient and has multiple functions to do all the legwork is like a cherry on top.

There is no denying the fact that washing clothes with hands is a herculean task and time-sinking as well. But now technically evolved washing machines have made this work super easy. Because they are powered with multiple functions therefore you can do this laborious work on the go. We have all leading brands of washing machines in Pakistan. If you are on the lookout for a Haier automatic washing machine or other delve into the details below and do yourself a favor by picking the machine that meets your need.

Before getting into brands, we will list “Types of washing machines” because manifold types are available in the market with versatile and latest functions. It pays to know about these types and washing machine prices in Pakistan before sealing a deal. We will expand on them in detail so you can buy a machine that will benefit you in the long run.


It goes without saying that doing a laundry in congested place is half a battle. Laundry baskets and other materials create a mess around the surface. Here washers come in because they don’t take up much space. You can place them anywhere you want to do thanks to their sleek designs. Furthermore, they are budget-friendly and come in stunning designs. Even if they come in compact design but due to much capacity they can wash your huge clothes effortlessly and give you a fuss-free washing experience.  

Spinner/ Dryer

There are no two ways that drying clothes is heavy lifting. It is a time-sinking process as it takes a few days if you do it without a dryer. On top of that, it is physically taxing as you use your hands to twist clothes in order to rinse water altogether. While using the dryer you get it done in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, being equipped with the latest technologies, the dryer does not fade the colors of fabrics as it happens in the conventional way of drying.

Delicate and sheer fabrics are prone to damage during the laundry process but the dryer takes care of them gently. They maintain their shine and keep their look as fresh as you have purchased them recently. Wearing bright clothes is just a cold comfort because it feels good to feel fresh inside and outside. But hanging them on the wires accounts for the smell, in turn, your effort of hours goes down the drain. Dryer gives you the best of both worlds with fresh and bright clothes therefore you feel fresh like a daisy all day long.

Semi-automatic washing machine

This type is used the world over in spades thanks to affordable prices and remarkable features such as great capacity, lower power consumption, less water usage, washing time, and washing quality. For the uninitiated, it comes with two tubs. One is used for washing while the second one works as a spinner/ dryer. It requires a little bit of legwork, a case in point user put the clothes in the machine, add water, and then after the completion of the wash cycle shift clothes to the second tub for the spinning.

It’s a go-to choice because it does not go heavy on the pocket in two ways; it’s energy-efficient thanks to its simple design and mechanical knobs and the second its affordable price that makes it purchase a no-brainer.  It’s feasible in use and you can move it anywhere effortlessly. All leading brands of washing machines in Pakistan have semi-automatic machines up for sale. Make a beeline towards them and grab anyone to make your laundry easy-breezy. 

Fully automatic washing machine

It has seen a meteoric rise in developed countries or where electricity and water are available profusely. We must say that it is a new addition to the creature comforts as it does involve next to no amount of legwork. Just user has to hook it with a continuous water supply and load clothes into a machine. Now set the indication and let the machine do the rest of the laundry process. The machine will take the water, agitate the clothes, replace the soapy water with fresh water to rinse through them and spin it.

Furthermore, it is space-friendly and the best bet for those who don’t have much space because it comes in a compact design. People who believe that time is money would rather choose an automatic machine because it does not take much time like a semi-automatic machine. The reason is that in a semi-automatic machine user has to shift clothes from one tub to another. While fully automatic machines do all the process and fix you up with satisfactory results in the end.

If you are on the lookout for a washing machine look no further than this article because we have rounded up leading brands of washing machines in below. Check them out and get your arms around their functions as it will help you to select the brand that has features more suitable to your needs.

Super Asia washing machine

Since 1911, Super Asia has been serving their customer with lots of appliances. Over the years, the brand has introduced a versatile range of washing machines. All models are equipped with advanced technologies and rock slid features. Furthermore, they have built trust over the years that make their customers come back. What is more; all their models are available at affordable prices. Super Asia has fully automatic top load SA-6102 in white color up for sale online. It features a luxurious design (10kg capacity), fuzzy logic control, a Magic filter/3D waterfall,  water cube drum, an Auto tab cleaner, a Springwater pulsator, IMD panel & 8 auto programs, dual dispenser detergent and softener, and, full glass lid with soft closing.

Other models are SA-27 Fast wash plush,  SA-272 Fast washer plus  Crystal, SAS-20 Washer steel body, SD-572 fast spin plus, and SD-572 fast spin plus – crystal. It comes with a powerful motor, rust-proof plastic body, buzzer sound, lint filter, and energy saver. The prices of these models are between 15, 700 and 23,500.     

Dawlance washing machine

In Pakistan, Dawlance is all about reliability that seems to be here to stay when it comes to dawlance appliances. It’s a household brand that resonates with Pakistani ladies across the country. Since its inception, it stays ahead of the curve when it comes to serving its customer with products laden with advanced technologies. The same goes for the washing machine as Dawlance offers an extensive range of washing machines in which top-load and a front-load automatic washing machine takes the center stage thanks to its stunning and practical features.

Top load machine various models are DWT-9060 EZ, DWT 1775 PL, DWT1470 PL, DWT 1165 PL, DWT 270 S LVS+, DWT 260 S LVS+, DWT 270 C LVS+, DWT, 260 C LVS+, DW270 ES, DW 260 ES, and DW 225 ES. All models feature a glass lid, triple waterfall technology, pro fabric drum, and extreme plus Air dryer. The prices for these models are from 4300 to 80,000.

Front-load automatic models are DWF – 7120 W INV, DWF- 8120 G INV, DWF 7200X INV, and DWF 8200X INV. All features steam care technology, a special algorithm for wools, regional wash programs, and stain buster technology. The price range is from 79,500 to 90,000.

Dawlance twin tub semi-automatic machine models are DW 7500 G, DW 10500 C, DW 6550 C, DW 6550W, DW 7500 C, and DW 6550 G. All models feature shower rinse, water level adjuster, and deep waterfall technology. The price range is from 22000 to 32000.

While this high-end brand also serves up an extensive range of washers and semi-automatic machines. All come with the latest technology and go easy on the eyes due to their aesthetically pleasant designs.

Haier washing machine

If you are looking for affordable and durable electronic products Haier is where it is at. Haier flourished in no time after its inception. It is the most trusted brand in Pakistan because Haier takes their customers’ concerns into account and offer them products that are matchless in designs and fulfilling in practicality. In 2004 Haier was rewarded as the best washing machine manufacturer and the vast yet the finest range of various machines are living proof of it. Haier offers fully automatic, semi-automatic machines, top leaders, and front load washing machines. All models are rich with the latest technology, therefore, you can have bet on Haier.

Haier top load fully automatic washing machine comes with features like storm wash, low noise wash, nzp technology, pillow drum, etc. It is best for People who don’t want to splurge as it does not put a dent in their bank balance.

Haier top-loading series includes HWM 120-1978, HWM 150-1978, HWM 150-866, HWM85-7288, HWM 75-918, HWM 90-1789, HWM 120-1789, HWM 95- 1678 and HWM  120-1678 etc. Their top features are storm wash, pillow drum, and knob control.

 Haier front load series goes with models as HWM 100-B14876, HWM 80-B14876, HWM 70-BP12826, HWM 85-BP12826, HWM 100-BP12826, and HWM 80-BP10829, etc. They are customer favorites due to features such as BLDC inverter, Hijab, and Anti Bacteria.

Haier twin tub series includes HWM 120-AS, 100BS, 100AS, HWM 80-100, HWM 80-100 SR, HWM 80-000, HWM 80-AS, HWM 80-ASR, and HWM 75-AS. All models feature a lint filter, standard strong program, and virgin plastic.

Haier washer series offers HWM 120-35, HWM 80-60, HWM 80-50, and HWM 80-35. All are powered with virgin plastic, a standard strong platform, and a lint filter icon.

Kenwood washing machine

Kenwood is an international brand and its products go a long way. All thanks to its heavy-duty material that makes their products durable and convenient therefore customers keep this brand at their forefront of mind at the time of purchase. The brand has made life easier with the range of automatic washing machines. It offers the fully automatic machine series, semi-automatic machine series, and single tub series. Most people can buy washing machines from Kenwood because they are available at affordable prices. Buying big-ticket products at an affordable price is definitely a steal. And you are at a happy place when you find a product that is cheap in price but gives you a superior experience.

Kenwood lists fully automatic machines like KWM-7001FAT-W (7KG), KWM-9001FAT-W (9KG), KWM-7003FAT-DG (7KG), KWM-9003FAT-DG (9KG) and KWM-1103-FAT-DG (11KG). All are loaded with 8 programs, magic filter, I-Clean, one-touch, fuzzy logic, time and water saving, etc. The price range is from 38,900 to 58,900.

Kenwood semi-automatic models are KWS-1050S Spin Dryer, KWM-1012SA, KWM-1010SA, KWM-899W, and, KWM-950SA. All come with a full plastic body, heavy-duty and low noisy features. The price range for this series is from 15000 to 27,100.   

Lg washing machine

A top-notch brand has maintained its position among the other leading brand’s thanks to durable and strong material. Their fully automatic machines have made their lives easier as they work effortlessly therefore people are sold on them. The other reason People love their fully automatic machines is that they last long time. Machines are powered with advanced technology that improves the quality of your clothes after each wash and they come out brighter and shiner. 

Users can control the speed of the machine while filters in the machine pick the dust from the clothes. LG has a vast range of machines such as 9/6kg front loader washer and dryer, AI DDtm, Turbo wash 360 degrees, Black Steel color, Front-load washer 8kg, Direct drive motor, 6 Motion silver color, Front-load washer 8kg, Direct-Drive motor, 6 motion, white color, Washer and Dryer, 9/6kg, Bigger capacity, AI DD, Steam, Thin Q, LG 8.5kg and Slim AI Direct drive front load washing machine, etc. The features of the machines are High rpm fast spin, program options, drain pipes, flexible water, control buttons, and a strong body.

Samsung washing machine

This is the only household name that always tops the mind when it comes to buying electronic products. From the outset of their existence to the date, Samsung has been serving their customers with premium quality products. Furthermore, all their products are upgraded with the latest technology in order to provide their customer with the best experience.

Acknowledging their customers’ trust and love for their products, Samsung offers a range of fully automatic washing machines. Their top-loading washers come with DIT, Wobble technology, and a magic dispenser. Wobble technology ensures the care of the delicate fabric and safe them from getting tangled up. While increased washing power guarantees thoroughly clean clothes. Magic dispenser provides you residual-free garments as we mostly experience the remaining detergent on the clothes but the magic dispenser tackles them efficiently.

It offers washing dryer combos loaded with super and advanced technology so users can do this tedious work in less time than before. The range has WT90T654DBN Combo with AI Control, Add wash, Airwash, 9+6 kg, WD10T554DBN combo with AI control, Add wash Air wash, 10+7 kg, and WD70TA046BX Combo with Eco Bubble tm , AirWash, 7+5kg. Eco bubble TM technology ensures efficient cleaning even at a low temperature. It changes detergent into a bubble more quickly, in turn, the fabric absorbs it, and eventually, users get a clean garment. All the process does not put the color and fabric on the receiving end. While AI Control makes the entire process effortless and effective all the more.

 Toshiba washing machine

Toshiba takes your laundry burden off your shoulder with its super range of washing machines. When it comes to durability it eclipses the other brands. In functionality, it supersedes other brands as it can wash the pile of clothes in one spin. In turn, you can save your energy and effort. You can fit it anywhere due to its compact designs. They have different types of washing machines such as semi-automatic, top load, and front-load. Their selling points are large capacity, catchy design, powerful motors, strong body, and compact size.

The range of front load washing machines comes with models including Toshiba 9.0 KG 1400 RPM Front load washing machine, Toshiba 8.0 KG 1400 RPM  front load washing machine, Toshiba 7.5 KG 1200 RPM front load washing machine, and Toshiba 7.0 KG 1200 RPM front load washing machine. the price range is from 49,99 to 54,990.

While LG top load washing machine range offers Toshiba 9.0 KG fully automatic top load washing machine, Toshiba 10.5 KG fully automatic top loading washing machine, Toshiba 8.0 KG fully automatic top load washing machine, and  Toshiba 7.0 KG fully automatic top load washing machine. All features fuzzy control and a soft close lid. The price range is from 24000 to 44,990.

LG semi-automatic series offers Toshiba 12.5 KG semi-automatic washing machine, Toshiba 10.5 KG semi-automatic washing machine, and Toshiba 7.5 KG semi-automatic washing machine. Their core features are Ultra Spin, Easy Kit, and Octo Pulsator. The price range is from 13,990 to 23,990.

In the wash dryer category, they offer Toshiba 11.0/7.0 KG 1400 RPM front load washer dryer. The main features of the washer-dryer are Toshiba real inverter, The great wave technology, and Sense dry.  

Pel washing machine

Unique designs are synonyms with Pel when it comes to washing machines. They are known to maintain the durability and beauty of their designs. The brand goes all out to provide an extreme level of comfort with products. Therefore their washing machines are fail-safe choices if you want to reduce the tension caused by laundry. The features of washing machines guarantee an effortless washing experience. The features are a rust-proof body, ease of using, strong body, and unique design. There is no question that it’s a lifetime investment therefore invest in the Pel washing machine and make the most out of it for years to come. Using Pel washing machines you can save on money on all counts as they are energy-efficient therefore wouldn’t eat into electricity and will work in the long run.

Pell offers a semi-automatic washing machine, fully automatic washing machines, single tub, and twin tub machines in different colors. Pel fully automatic machines models are PEL washing machine fully auto 900 – Golden, Pel washing machine smart fully auto 900i – Grey Metallic, Pell washing machine fully auto  1100 – Golden and Pel washing machine smart fully auto 1100i. Their main features are artificial intelligence, Touch & Go, and a Led panel.  The price range is from 45000 to 57,900.

While PEL offers Pel washing machine semi-auto 1250 –Green lid to their customers. And its features are geared train technology, anti-rust body, and big pulsator. The price for this machine is 19,900.

Orient washing machine

There are no two ways that Orient is the most selling brand in Pakistan. All thanks to their products that have made boring domestic chores simple and easy such as laundry. Their washing machines come in outstanding designs while their advanced functions have made the washing smooth like clockwork. No-fuss, no fatigue, and your basket of clothes are good to go in a short time. The reason people hold Orient washing machines in high regard is affordable prices, high quality, extremely durable, ergonomic design, and optimum performance.

Orient offers fully automatic washing machines such as Twister 9050 8 KG metallic grey washing machine, twister 1150 10KG metallic grey washing machine, and Twister 1350 12 KG metallic grey washing machine. All scores are high on technology ground as they have enriched with heavy-duty specifications a case in point: one-touch operation, 6 washing functions, water jet Pulsator, 2 in 1 detergent box, smart lint filters, g-flex technology, 8 water levels, oval bulge drum technology, and soft-close top lid.  The price range is from 39,500 to 55,999.

Panasonic washing machine

You can never go wrong with a Panasonic washing machine. Panasonic always keeps their customers’ needs at the forefront of their mind therefore they manufacture a product that lasts long. Their all washing machines are an amalgamation of tasteful designs and advanced technology. They are loaded with features that run water in all directions, ditch all the dirt and increase the life of the fabric. All models of washing machines command attention thanks to an aqua crystal glass lid. Panasonic washing machines are being widely used in the country due to remarkable features that are a digital display, active foam, strong body, intelligent controlling, and glass lid. It offers a fully automatic washing machine model NA-F90AI and NA-F70S7. While their twin tub series includes NA-W1000B, NA-W100G1, and NA-W900B. Twin Tub NA-W100G1 features 10kg capacity, transparent lid, gold dial, and hand washboard. While their biggest twin tub wash and spin washing machines are available with model numbers NA-W18XG1, NA-W16XG1, and NA-W14XG1. These machines will work effectively for a long time as they are built with rust-free bodies and don’t damage if you use them outside.

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