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In Pakistan, the summer season is around the corner which is why people have kicked off the search for ac to keep the inordinate heat at bay. This big-ticket product comes in different models. Therefore get a good look at different brands and their models before finalizing your pick. Different types of air conditioners are Wall-mounted ac, cabinet floor standing, and cassette ac. If you want to know about these types in detail, look no further because, in the below, we will shed light on these types of conditioners and top brands of inverter ac along with the inverter ac prices in Pakistan.

Wall-mounted Ac

First and foremost, this type is budget-friendly.  As the name indicates, it’s mounted upon the wall, therefore, does not take up space. Thanks to this feature, it pays dividends in more than one way. First thing first consumer doesn’t need to put it down or move it from one place to another to clear the space when the season is over. The other is you can mount it in the place of your own choice due to its structure. As this type calls for the professional to install on the wall it cost you a little amount of money. But it fixes up a healthy and fresh environment because heat and humidity are passed out through the vent. What makes wall-mounted ac the best bet is the better cooling capacity with BTUS, better fans, and internal thermostats.

Cabinet floor standing

 If you go for the cabinet floor standing, you will enjoy the best of both worlds. It does not cost you dearly thanks to its freestanding sculpture. You can make the most of its portable structure by moving it anywhere you want. On the functional side, it comes with a built-in ionizer and washable filtration system. Ionizer helps to toss out the contamination and residue in turn you can breathe in the fresh air. While washable filtration works as a dehumidifier. Clearing out the water tank is half a battle but a floor standing unit makes it easy. It turns water into condensed form and makes its way out with exhaust air.

Cassette air conditioners

This type is gaining ground the world over for all the right reasons. First off it is energy-efficient. They are predominantly being used in hotels, shops, and offices. They function similar to the wall-mounted ac. But their place of installation differs as they are mounted on the ceiling instead of a wall. They cool the area through two, three, and four sides of the device. It sounds wise to consult with experts to determine the proper place because installation can plague the ceilings and beauty of your decor. Cassette air condoners are available in Lahore at all leading stores.

Chances are high that you can overwhelm with a large number of brands. With a view to making your search process easy-breezy, we have rounded up top-notch brands of inverter ac with ac price in Pakistan in the rest of the article.

Dawlance Inverter AC

Dawlance tops the list since its inception. And when it comes to buying inverter ac we are spoilt for choice because dawlance offers different models of inverter ac such as Elegance, Powercon, Sprinter, Enercon, Mega T3 inverter and chrome, etc.  Each model is supercharged with the latest technology. Due to its power-saving technology consumer can save up to 30,000 a year while they can start functionality with low voltage as 150v. What is more, dawlance has streamlined its range to make them useable with ups. All dawlance models of inverter ac are aesthetically pleasant and worth their cost.

Check dawlance inverter ac prices and different models below.

  • Dawlance Inverter AC Powercon       
  • Dawlance Inverter AC Sprinter
  • Dawlance Inverter AC Enercone
  • Dawlance Inverter AC Elegance
  • Dawlance Inverter AC Chrome

Gree Inverter Ac

Gree is a China-based company and has offices in other countries like Pakistan and Brazil. It is the world’s largest company which manufactures ac for residential use. In the same breath, it offers ac for commercial use as well. All Gree inverter models promise for saving 60 percent of the energy due to the energy-efficient system. All inverter models are powered with future-proof features while their cutting-edge designs go easy on the eyes. All models come in breathtakingly beautiful colors and, they have all the making to spruce up the place. Gree has on deck different types such as cassette system, wall mounted ac and gree cabinets, etc. All types double up both heating and cooling swiftly.

Look at Gree inverter Ac prices and models below

  • Gree New Pular Series with Wifi 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton inverter Ac GS-PITH1W   
  • Gree 1 Ton AND 1.5 Ton Inverter AC wifi Enabled
  • Gree 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton Fairy Econo Inverter GS-FITH

Haier inverter ac

Haier has a vast range of resounding favorite home appliances and their inverter air conditioners are like no other. Like other brands of inverter ac haier also offer a wide variety of inverter ac and all designs come with the latest technology. Their selling points are their affordable prices and energy-efficient systems. Both factors keep people coming back time and again. Haier inverter ac models are available with names of marvel inverter, triple inverter, pearl inverter, puri inverter, cool inverter, turbo cool, and fixed frequency. Below is the rundown of each model so you can weigh them up and buy the model that is in alignment with your requirement.

Fixed Frequency

This guarantees you faster cooling in record time with turbo cooling as in this system motor runs at a fast rate. You will enjoy comfortable sleep because the incorporated cross-flow fan and air duct account for the strong airflow.

Turbo cool

This model comes with 100% copper pipe, fastest motors, cross fan, and air duct. All these features improve its function and serve up the cooling you want.

Cool inverter

This model is manufactured with self-cleaning, anti-corrosion, and 46-degree Full BTU. Being powered with 46 degrees C full BTU it can cool the area at 46 degrees high temperature.

Triple inverter

This UPS-enabled inverter ac lets you enjoy the cooling seamlessly in event of a power outage. Other features include self-cleaning and the ability to provide full cooling at the temperature of 46 degrees thanks to 46 degrees C Full BTU.

Pearl Inverter

Haier Pearl inverter has all the usual aspects such as one-touch cleaning, turbo cooling, heating, and Wi-Fi smart. Like other models of Haier, it can also be used on ups in case of a power outage.

Marvel inverter                                                                       

This model is in the same league as others because Haier incorporates all features like one-touch cleaning, Wifi smart, turbo cooling, and heating in marvel inverter. Haier has tried to maximize its use by making it UPS enabled.    

Kenwood Inverter AC

Kenwood offers a large number of models and all come with an improved airflow system. All models are budget-friendly and score high for their designs, durability, and functionality. The latest feature that is dc inverter enables these models to save energy up to 75%. All models provide heating and cooling functions with high efficiency. Other features are the I-feel function, auto-clean function, 4D airflow, hidden led display, intelligent sleep mode, auto restart, and R410a gas. All models are aesthetically pleasing and can add a dramatic punch to your interior décor. Kenwood inverter ac models are available in the market with names such as Esleek, Eroyal Ker, Efreedom, empyreal, Ecomfort, Esmart plus, Eeco plus, Etech diamond, Eimperial, Efortune, and  Einverter premier.

Check below inverter models and Kenwood inverter ac prices.

  • Kenwood Inverter eSleek KES -1830S 1.5 Ton
  • Kenwood Inverter floor standing AC KER-4844FHI 4 Ton
  • Kenwood Inverter E-Imperial KEI-2443 2 Ton

Panasonic inverter ac

A top-notch brand with 60+ years of experience sets apart their identity with advanced technology inverter ac. It gives a good run of money to their competitors with a bazillion of models and a high level of comfort. Panasonic inverters come with a powerful T3 inverter compressor and inserted shower cooling feature. The shower cooling feature wards off the direct contact of cooling, in turn, it maintains the healthy air-conditioning. On the technical side, all models are specially designed to operate at a low voltage as 150. These are powered to resist the blistering heat of Pakistan. Other technical features that make Panasonic unmatched are 360-degree airflow function, hidden display and timer mode, and gold fin condenser. The 360-degree airflow function ensures cooling in every direction of the room. Thanks to all the robust features consumers enjoy cooling with less energy consumption and more savings. Panasonic inverter ac models are CS-UE24WKF-9, CS-UV18WKF, and CSUE12WKF-9.

Below is the Panasonic inverter ac price list of each model

  • Panasonic inverter 2.0 Ton Split CS-UV24WKF
  • Panasonic inverter 1.5 Ton Split CS-UV18WKF
  • Panasonic inverter 1 Ton CSUE12WKF-9

Pel inverter ac

Like competitors, pel has made its presence felt in electronic manufacturing products. It offers a remarkable lineup of inverter air conditioners. All models of inverter ac come with optimized features that can operate at less voltage like 140 volts and provide a high level of comfort. Other features are A+++ technology, advanced cooling technology, 60% saving of energy consumption, and high durability. Furthermore, all models can do double duty as heaters and provide quick cooling within 30 seconds while the auto cleaning feature ensures the purified room.

Sharp ac inverter ac

The sharp inverter comes with 7 shield protection and its use is on the rise due to its lesser price than their competitors. But people give this brand thumbs up for durability and advanced features. All models contribute to the highest comfort and more saving. The other optimal features are eco mode and sharp plasma Cluster technology. Echo mode helps to save energy up to 60 to 70%, in turn, it doesn’t break your bank with high electricity cost. While the sharp plasma clusters technology purifies the air and resists bacteria, allergens, airborne mold, and airborne viruses. But this feature is only available in a 2 ton variant of AHXP24SHV.     

The shield protection confirms security thanks to multiple reasons such as

It provides fire protection to the outdoor printed wiring board

If the unit develops moisture or has dust or any insect in the unit then the additional electric coating will protect it from fire.

It is viable at a low voltage of 130 while being corrosion resistant it can function optimally in areas full of moisture a case in point near the seashore.

AH-X12SEV Sharp air conditioner 1 ton Dc inverter is available at the price while AYX18TCM, 1.5-ton sharp inverter ac price.

Izone inverter Ac

If you want to expect ac serves you in the long run then izone inverter ac comes into its own. All models are affordable, fast, and reliable. All models come with a more efficient system such as user-friendly navigation, iSave Mode, iSense temperature control, and sleep time. Izone offers models in a wide color range so you can pick what complements your interior décor. Other features that make its purchase a no-brainer are 

  • Powerful air flow
  • Smart control,
  • Key switch,
  • Quite efficient motor and fan
  • Elegant design,
  • High efficiency
  • Copper motor
  • Safety and reliability
  • Remote Control

Below is the list of iZone inverter ac prices and models

  • IZone Inverter IZ-18 Prime White
  • IZone IZ -18 DC Inverter Smart White
  • IZone IZ -12 DC Inverter Cloud White

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