Latest Haier Inverter AC Models 2020

Haier is a multinational brand that is functioning mainly from the house of China. It is spreading globally for proving itself as a best seller and provider of quality appliances at low price cost. It is providing multiple devices on a broad scale with high work potencies. Haier was founded in 1984 in china as a brand for launching the electronics on a local level. It proved its position at the multinational level for justifying the scenario of the era. Now, it is a vital brand in the series of multinational companies, and it has jumped in the arena to show the power of reliable brands. One may rely upon Haier if interested in buying the best Inverter AC price in Pakistan for the sake of better results in the room environment. The best thing will be at your doorstep, and you will be confident of staying safe plus relaxed after investing money in the right place.

Haier Inverter AC

Although we have a wide range of brands to choose an AC inverter for our facility, we still wanted the best in the form of Haier as it is the most reliable one for us. It is right to spirits plus working capabilities. It has shown itself as an active and reliable brand in the arena; this is why it is preferred over other fellow brands. Here we may discuss the top models of Haier as they are more reliable in the current time for functional and outlook both. They are the leading ones in the market; therefore people are interested in switching to them for better outcomes. Inverter AC price in Pakistan is varying from 2,00,000 PKR to 56, 000 PKR limit as per course of tons or full cabinet shapes. It depends upon the limit and range of sizes too.

They are:

1.      Haier Cabinet 24HDZ 2.0 Ton (inverter)

It is giving the best limit of inverter power. It is acting with the supportive features for the user. It is found to be reliable for having extraordinary controls on behalf of the user. They are offering the control range of wi-fi with additional features. Wi-fi control is intending with the power of negative ion super quiet. This is further connected with the concealed display of the vertical airflow specifications for the user. This is why users prefer it.

It is giving us a beautiful outlook in the shape of a 2-ton level. It is giving a long-lasting, more cooling effect with the aid of proper remote control sensors operated via wi-fi technology. It is also giving out DC control technology features. It is coming in the outlook with the cabinet stand feature, which gives it a stable display. It provides heater plus more refreshing both functions as per needs. It is also offering one-year parts as well as five years compressor warranty on behalf of Haier inverter AC.

2.      Haier Inverter AC 12 HFA 1.0 Ton

It is giving a beautiful white display. It is with the power of the one-ton level. It adjusts itself in the shape of the split in the wall. It is slim in size. It is not heavy, indeed. People like it for its color and beautiful display. It has a low price; this is why people like to prefer it. It is giving the best result as an inverter, and the function is also up to the mark. The main features that are coming in the context with the addition of beauty plus managed features are the right to be availed as Haier inverter AC.

3.      Haier Inverter AC 12 HFCE 1.0 Ton

The smart power technology inverter is presenting you with the feature with the aid of beauty and splendor at the same time. It is offering a range of cool turbo technology, which is liked for its comfort plus management of room temperature power zones. It is also providing a steady airflow at the same time. It is offering the feature of dust filters, which are supporting the idea of coolness and hotness in an environmentally safe manner.

This is a special kind of Haier inverter AC which is going to offer you a wide range of concealed LED displays. This is why people like it. Its control features are also up to the mark. They are easy to apply indeed. They also have the option of long-distance airflow for the user. It has a refrigerating feature for managing the room temperature range.

4.      Haier Inverter AC 12 HNS 1.0 Ton

It is giving the red tint color potency. This is why users like it. It is also a beautiful thing that is preferred for having the energy-saving with the high energy efficiency range. The compressor is also of top power feature; for instance, it works efficiently and restarts by and by noiselessly. It gives you comfortable sleep by availing the soft or normal power mode button ranges as per the needs of the person. Powerful cooling and the intelligent airflow are the additionally liked features of the model as an inverter AC. It is the best Haier inverter AC.

5.      Haier Inverter AC 12 HRP 1.0 Ton

It is giving the option of turbo fresh with the smart feature of firm airflow limits. It is also offering the turbo range features. The 3M purify filters are also supportive in managing the temperature of the room. It has a concealed LED display, which is preferred for the cute outlook of the inverter AC. It is giving a long-distance flow of air. It is anti-corrosive too. It has refrigerant power as an additional task. It is providing the best result for a restart of AC also. It is Haier AC 1 ton.

6.      Haier Inverter AC 24 HRV 2.0 Ton

The cooling turbo power is enveloped in a new shape here in the limited range of the Haier. It is also giving you the support of long-distance of airflow. This is coming to you with the additional feature of the dust filters, which let it stay clean for long hours of task without getting dusty. It is anti-corrosive. This is why it has a long life of ac. It is also supportive in compensating the room temperature range by availing the main feature of refrigerant action.

7.      Haier Inverter AC 12 HRV 1.0 Ton

The exquisite outlook of splendor is also providing the features of limited supply for maintenance of ac in all regards. This is supporting the idea of reliable turbo technology for users. It also contains the 3M purify filters as a support of the user so they may enjoy it at its best plus personal ease too. It has control features which are easy to be operated by the user. They are preferably liked for the reason of good work by the user. The performance of the model is desired even it is at a low price limit at the moment. It is Haier AC 1 ton.

8.      Haier Inverter AC 18 HFCE 1.5 Ton

The model is available in the level power of one and a half-ton potency. It is Haier AC 1.5 ton. This is preferred for the turbo control as well as the application of air to the large flow areas. The concealed display of the ac is preferable liked for the reason of being kind and trustworthy. It is anti-corrosive too. The refrigerant feature is also seeking for good results. The long-distance airflow is an attractive feature that is working as a plus for the user. One may avail it for the serene environment of the room at ease. Inverter AC price in Pakistan is different, but this is considered not as an expensive one here, for instance.

9.      Haier Inverter AC 18 HRO 1.5 Ton

It is coming in the limit of one and a half-ton. The prominent feature of the AC inverter is its preferred outlook and display color. People mostly choose white as a graceful color tint for the rooms. They feel it compensating for plus relaxing at the same time. The users like the long-distance airflow and anti-corrosive feature of the ac inverter for being a paramount consideration to them. It is also providing the refrigerant potency too. It is Haier AC 1.5 ton. 

10.  Haier Inverter AC 18 HRP 1.5 Ton

It is coming in the limit of one and a half-ton. This is why it is preferred for the bug rooms either or the rooms existing on the upper story. They are extremely coolant but also an expert in adjustment of the airflow for room temperature maintenance too. They have a concealed LED display too. The 3M purity feature is also famous for being additional support to the user. They are having an easily accessible controller. This is why one may use and understand the remote features at ease. They are environment-friendly for having the function of dust filters too. It is in the range of Haier AC 1.5 ton. It is a good option, therefore, people choose it.