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Top Inverter AC Brands in Pakistan 2020 4

AC inverter is becoming a part of our life for so many reasons. A wide range of brands is here for you. It is a tough target to pick the product of your need plus a choice from all of them. Technology is upgrading and is adding the plus to our daily lifestyles in a slow but steady manner. One may observe the approach of AC in their life, and now the access to the inverter technology is another milestone. Nobody can say NO to modern technology, as it is a part of our routine life. We have to be with it; otherwise, we will be lost somewhere in the historical perspectives. AC inverter is the tremendous tag that is offensively adding to our lifestyles. We are supposed to follow the pattern as it is the dire need of the era.

It is also a fact that nowadays we are having variety in all creeds. It is a fact that we are there with a bulk of choices. One may access the opportunities with the aid of brand tags. Then every brand is here with the positive competition to add more pluses to the support of technology features they are offering. All the tagged brands are offering AC inverters at affordable prices with the additional charges for adding up some commencing features to the specific AC inverter they are offering.

Now the dealer is supposed to elaborate the feature pluses in addition to the price limit too. He may suggest you the right thing for the right place and also in the right budget. Budget matters as most of the people believe that they have to invest for once and enjoy the product for a long time interval without hectic damage or distortion troubles in it. So, keeping in mind the features and their limitations, one may judge the inverter AC price in Pakistan. 

Although there is a wide range of brand slogans in the market, still some of them are the foremost in the race. They might be coming above all as they have high ratings, and audiences had a better experience with the specific tags. So, the concrete and popular brands for AC inverter technology are discussed here for your interest. You may review and decide the fate of your AC inverter choice by yourself after reviewing the details one by one.

Let’s see them all!

1.      Gree Inverter AC

Gree has earned a name in the market after its birth in 1989. it is a Chinese company that is functional internationally. People have trust in it as it is the leading brand, and people found it in high access wherever they try to search for it. They say it that Gree is the most significant AC selling brand worldwide. It offers AC both for official use plus residential setups. This is why it is more popular and attracted one in the customers. Market leaders always present the best product for you; you may like to do with it as you are having the best one as Gree.

Gree inverter AC price in Pakistan is varying from 69,000 PKR to 120,000 PKR. This is the limit for the AC inverter sizes from one tone, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton. The price variations are as per addition or subtraction of the features added to it either or deleted from it. In every way, it is known to be coming up on the demand of users; this is why its value cannot be denied. It is a good one in real sense. Price tags are just a logo; you may select the one you are searching for to have it with you.

Most popular titles are Gree inverter AC 24CITH 13 black, Gree inverter AC 24FITH3 white fairy, Gree inverter AC 18CITH13 black, and Gree inverter AC 12FITH13 white fairy. All of them are having two colors on the first side. They are either white or black. People prefer it for the decent color tints too. It looks very simple pls suitable when added to the wall of the room. Also, inverter technology is the relaxing factor that needs no issue for further coordination.

2.      Haier Inverter AC

Haier is the most popular tag name, which is promising the logo of “inspired living.” It started in 1984 and is still in the race of being the best band ever. It is focusing on the promising results for the dealers in every way. It is promising not to compromise on quality. It is the leading brand from china. It is working worldwide and acting as an international brand for the name of quality check. Also, it is environment-friendly, too, as it is the very first company to get ISO 9001 certificate in china. It had entered Pakistan in 2002 after a successful venture with china.

Haier inverter AC price in Pakistan is also of varied number digits as per size plus models. The price tag is varying high till 2,00,000 PKR to lowest at 74,000 PKR range. All the models are so attractive plus beautiful that no one can ignore it in any way. It is also offering the turbo cooling technology too. This additional feature is appreciated in two ways as it is working as a plus, and people like it at any cost. It will inspire your livings for sure. This is an aided product for additional features for the solace of summer for you and the family.

Best models of Haier are named as Haier Inverter AC 18HRW white, Haier Inverter AC 18HRP white, and Haier Inverter AC 18HRO white. They are available in ton limits in three options. They are one ton, 1.5 ton, and two-to two-ton ceiling as per the needs of the person. It is available in color ranges too. Mostly the white color is there as a fairy name, but red is also an attraction for newlyweds. They prefer to buy it.

3. Pel Inverter AC

Pel is a handsome brand working for the sake of progress and is decently competing for the market. It is one of the ancient brands in the race. It started in 1956 after nine years of Pakistan built. It is a national brand for us, but we are proud to tell that it is marketing on an international level for representing Pakistan all over the world in a better way. In 1981, Pel introduced air conditioning technology. At that time, there was no tint of inverter technology, but it gained power as soon as inverter packages were introduced here.

Pel inverter AC price in Pakistan is as per the levels of the product they are offering you, the more feature plus are having a high rate as compared with the less feature have. We may have it in three sizes, that is 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton. All are offered at decent rate limits as per the desires of the user. They are discriminating the products into two areas of the home plus office. Both are having varied features to distinguish the inverter type for purposes.

Pel Inverter AC 18K ace has both options of heat and cold. The users like this as they may keep it working in winters too. Others like Pel Inverter AC 18K fit, and Pel Inverter AC 24K ace is also having the same track work for you. One may enjoy it as it is providing to you. Inverter technology is preferred for saving a bulk of electric power, and it is also safe for the timing of tripping light issues. At least, one may enjoy the serene room environment with a relaxed mind and no distortion of electric troubles.

4. Dawlance Inverter AC

Another proud name for the Pakistani brands is Dawlance. It is adding the plus features to the market in an excellent manner. It was founded in 1980 for the sake of flourishing in the hands of the customer dealings. This started in Pakistan but now working on an international level too. It offered the window AC technology and then split technology with the flow of time. Currently, Dawlanc is also working on the provision of inverter technology. It is a beautiful way of availing the inverter technology with the aid of displays. All the models have lovely outlooks.

Some of the models which are most popular ones are Dawlance Aura Inverter30 white, Dawlance inspires plus inverter15Dawlance designer plus inverter 15, Dawlance Pro inverter active 15, etc. The big thing about Dawlance is that Dawlance inverter AC prices in Pakistan are low as compared with others. Maybe the reason is its fewer features or any other, but still, its sale is high with the offer of little cost feature too.

People buy it as they trust the brand name of Dawlance. No doubt, it is also offering the best service at a low cost; this is why nobody can deny its access to their heart plus sole. It is a simple form of beauty plus attention in the same touch; this is why it is preferred for the reason of being better in all regards. People like to have it for the translucent white color too. Dawlance gives a promising result as it is having the tag name of the market leader; one may not ignore its value and features’ importance while going to buy AC inverters.

5. Orient Inverter AC

Orient is another market leader who is availed by most of the people as the best one. They like it for being a stable brand in the market. They prefer it for so many purposes. It is working as a successful brand for being in top listed brands nowadays. It has indeed developed a niche to run the business of air conditioners for long. Now, as the inverter technology is introduced in the market, so it has also jumped in the arena to prove it as the best and topmost brand tag of Pakistan. No doubt, people experienced it as a reliable tag name for buying the inverter AC; this is why they go for it and recommend it to others too.

Orient inverter AC price in Pakistan is unique; surprisingly, they call it an expensive brand in the current era. They became market leaders by earning the trust of the community. They are working on the policy of the viewer’s choice tag. This is a powerful method indeed to get more as per the demands of the buyers. All the brands are fantastic, but some become market leaders, this is the tag that they get when they intend to have a lot of appreciation plus positive reviews from the audiences.

Popular brand tags are Orient 18G hyper, orient inverter 18G supreme, orient AC inverter Jupiter 18 white, orient inverter AC classic 18G, Orient AC inverter super 18G black mirror, Orient inverter AC 12bold, Orient Ultron G plus 18G gold, etc. It has some of the tag names which are offering the mirrored outlook of the inverter. The viewers like this for its serene and heart taking outlook. Most newlyweds prefer it for a reason. It is giving a wide color range, and it employs black, white, gold, and some other cute colors for the users.

6. Kenwood inverter AC

Kenwood is the brand name of British Appliances Company, which is working internationally. This is why one may have access to the Kenwood air conditioner brand in Pakistan too. It started its journey in 1947 as a brand tag. It was an ancient time when it became a part of technology and tried level best to satisfy the needs of the customers. This name launch became more popular as it played a crucial role in the supply of products as per the requirements of the community. It gave the window AC, then it launched AC split technology, now in the current era, it has proudly introduced inverter AC models with the proud name tag of Kenwood.

Kenwood inverter AC price in Pakistan varies as per model outlook plus feature tags. It has multiple tabs, and they are officially giving the name of the turbo cooling method, which is a real support to the users. They may enjoy it for the rationale of being modern in addition to saving tag of electricity consumption. It is safe plus secure; this is why the audiences prefer it. It is among the top 5 best brands for inverter AC products sold in Pakistan.

Kenwood sleek inverter KES is famous for its cooling function option. It may learn a temperature zone and then follow it as per the needs of the user. It may know how to keep the room fresh at the required temperature range with the support line of the i-cool technology. It runs for precisely 45 minutes approximately without fluctuation, and then it became a normal temperature maintenance thing at 18 degrees for an extended period. It continuously starts and restarts on its own. It has its logo, which conveys the message of being authentic plus trustworthy at a time.

7. Samsung Inverter AC

Samsung became the part of AC inverter technology as soon as it came to Pakistan. It is the right part as the people need it as per the needs of them. It has earned a name for introducing the triple inverter AC technology. This is the flourishing idea with the 8-pole motor tag name. It works efficiently with the less power supply of electricity aid. This follows the convertible model, which is focusing more on the functional parts of the AC inverter to supply as much energy potency as possible with no or less use of electric power.

Samsun inverter AC AR18KSF, Samsun inverter AC 18 NXPSD wind3, and many more are on the track of inverter ac technology. However, the Samsung inverter AC price in Pakistan varies as per its size. It is available in three size ranges; they are one ton, one and a half ton plus two-ton. All three are focused on the grand calculations of stability plus working for the sake of motivational addition of energy-saving formula. Samsung triple inverter technology is an excellent feature as it is supporting the idea of balance and classified performance. It adds to the durability of the inverter AC power supply, indeed.  

In the severe summertime, when the temperature shifts to the range of 54 degrees, still the Samsung triple inverter will provide you the genuine service and would not discourage you from reconsidering your decision to buy it. It never goes for extremes for the room. The room will never get too hot, either or too cold. It will start at average and low temperatures as desired in the summertime by the users. It is also coming to you with the handsome tension-free warranty card, which will add to your solace feelings for Samsung technology tag.

8. Sharp Inverter AC

Sharp is also an old name in the area of electric appliances. It is playing a unique role in adding up more and more devices over time. This is supporting the idea of new trends in the market. As Sharp is giving multiple ranges of products, this is why it is already a well-known brand for us. Sharp is giving you a wide range of AC inverters for personal use. It is a kind of energy-saving inverter for saving a lot of power.

Sharp inverter AC price in Pakistan is multiple as per features plus a description of displays. Sharp AC inverter AY X 12HCP, Sharp AC inverter AY X 18HCP, Sharp AC inverter AY X 24HCP and many more models are available in the market in reasonable price ranges for your interest. They are coming to you in three varieties, 1 ton, 1.5 ton plus 2 ton. All of them are focusing on the main rule formula of slow usage of electricity plus a high-quality supply of the work for your rooms.

9.      Mitsubishi Inverter AC

Mitsubishi is a Japanese company which is having the tag name of Japanese products. As Japan has already earned a name in the field of electronics, this is why there is no query is switching for the company. It is already an authentic plus decent company in all regards. AC inverter technology is the need of the current era. It is playing a truly vital role in support of the inverter technology indeed.

Mitsubishi inverter AC price in Pakistan is various for multiple brands. All of them are best as they are as per the needs of the person. Mitsubishi inverter AC MZHJ35VA, Mitsubishi inverter AC MZHJ50VA, Mitsubishi inverter AC MZHJ71VA, and many other tag names are the popular ones. People prefer them for the beauty of white tint of color, which makes it look slim plus decent. It has massive size as compared with the other tag names, ut still, it is liked for beauty in its outlook plus displays.

Final verdict

You are having a wide range of products over here; you may not deny the power of technology and are supposed to follow the tag name too. So, better to switch for the best one from the list as all of them are having something different plus uniqueness in them. They can do more with the flow of time to enjoy the summer with the cold showers of AC technology. It will add to the flavor of the specific time of summer with the solace of frozen chunks. Keeping in view the features, one may reconsider the option of buying big one or smaller with a lot many or limited functions.

So, review the features and pick the one which is best for you and your loved ones as your loved ones also deserve the best and standardized product for enjoying the life with the relaxation mode of coolness tenderness in the heatwave of fateful summer. Sunny would no more be sunny if it is cold inside the room; it will be a solacing and relaxing time for you plus the family.


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  2. Top Air Conditioner Brands in Pakistan
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    • Dawlance
    • Samsung
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  3. now a days its hard to find original AC or DC inverter in Pakistan, i have seen people pasting top branded companies logo on local AC in sadar and bolton market karachi, now how people can find original AC in reasonable prices.

    1. You can Buy From M Abdullah. We are selling original company products with Company Warranty Card.
      You can buy here: https://mabdulah.com/product-category/air-conditioner/

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