Air cooler – a dire necessitate with stumpy price packages in the summer era

Air cooler is a specific device that is used for keeping the temperature of the defined area. For the purpose, it is not necessary to keep it a closed space as it can perform better in open zones. It can do more in the vicinities where it is getting more climatic zones. Air can make it run with a mixture of water. Both run together to give the best result out of it. Temperature maintenance is a clear plan, indeed. Summer is a tough time in every way. One needs to have better temperature adjustments by the aid of coolers. They are a better choices.

Keeping in view the main things, one may buy the best air cooler from the range. It will make them buy the right product at the right price level too. Air cooler price in Pakistan varies as per size plus design features available to them. The brand tags are also playing a vital role in this regard. They are going to do more for improvement in all of them by and by with the flow of age. Most of the brands are offering different kinds of products as per the needs of the people. They follow the taste of the market indeed.

Why prefer room coolers?

There might be so many reasons for preferring the air coolers over other heavy coolant devices, but some of the main reasons are discussed over here. They are useful to us as they are energy saving; they can run for very little energy power. A room cooler can be run even on UPS or solar power as it is not asking for the full potential of electricity in any way. It may run on the solar panel of one plate only. So, this is like a simple fan indeed, but the function is above the coolness of a single fan.

The simple fan is supposed to avail of the electricity to throw air. It will just spin itself and circulate the room air in the forward mode for us. This helps us to have the fan flow and enjoy the windy surroundings. So, if the same power is availed by the room more relaxed and in the outcome, it is paying off more than a fan, then it is the best one for us for sure. It is a great deal, indeed.

How does Air cooler work?

One may fill the level of water tub as per its limit of height. The container will have the water. The water might be cold if we can add ice to it. This will increase the performance level of the room cooler. One may love to have a stalwart fan of the cooler.

The working capacity to avail of electricity is the same for both air cooler and single fan, but it is giving out more product as compare to the fan. It takes the atmosphere of the surrounding into it the fan, and then the lower tub, which is having an amount of water, will take the air. The water will start running into the pipes of the cooler. The pipes will maintain the level of water in the very first minute.

Then the air more cooling fan will be having the coolant effect and low-temperature range for having the correct level of coldness from the running water inside pipes. It is mandatory to have an open area for running the cooler as it seeks for the availability of fresh air in the ambiance. This will add to its participation for sure purpose. Then the air will come to us, and we feel it with the effects of cold winds. The final product will be neat and clean.

Essential features of the air coolers

There is a wide range of air coolers available in the market place. One may select the tag of choice as per the needs of the self and home place. If you want more features, then you must pay high for it; otherwise, fewer functions can be obtained at a low cost. It is dependent upon the requirements of the specific cooler. In all ways, nobody can deny its value as a great cooler as it adds to the workforce plus the beauty of the place. Their specific feature needs are discussed as under:

1.      Design

This feature is talking about the particular models of the air cooler. One may select the massive size of the home is pretty spacious, so it is not a bad idea to have a big one; it will add to the beauty plus work power. On the other hand, small designs can be availed for small residential places as it is troublesome to go for the extra space in the home. Multiple configurations are available for more performance on behalf of the cooler.

2.      Portable 

The portability feature is concerned about the mode of work and running. Room Cooler works in a sequence and makes it run on wheels all the time. It is good to have potent and functional wheels while availing the air cooler. The more you focus on wheel power, the more portable your cooler will be. Wheels are playing the primary role in portability as it is the only thing that can keep it moving all the time. It will also make it flexible and working as it has a body which cannot be turned or twisted for portability purpose in any way.

3. Ice tray

This is a specific feature that may add to the coolant power of the air cooler. It works excellently while it is going to give the idea of the ice tray. The ice and cold water will be added to the plate by and by. This will be supportive in many ways as it helps out in maintaining the temperature. If the ice tray feature is missing as it happens in some of the models, then still it is not to worry about as the ice can be added in the tub of the air cooler. It will help out the product to work more coldly and lovely to give out the best product out of it in an excellent modus operandi.

4. Efficient 

If the energy-saving potency of the air cooler is outstanding, then it will work efficiently for sure. Now, if you are buying a colder, it is better to make sure that it will either work with solar panels or not. It is a must query as in this way, and the original plan for the work will follow it out of the energy savings in the unavailability of the light power. It is giving you work power; this is why it is preferred for being active all the time. Even it works when light is not available, and you have to switch to UPS or power banks.

5. Maintenance 

It is another feature that adds to the support system of the job of Room Cooler. It is working for you for long hours if it has the tendency to be maintained by and by. The maintenance can be done at ease if the cleaning session can be done at ease. The very point for this is that it should have vents that can be availed for opening it while conducting the cleaning tasks.

Super Asia air cooler

Super Asia has earned a handsome name in the field of brand race. It is indeed pretty successful in adding to the name tags given in the market. The workplace and home, both ask for the electrical appliances. Brand variety has indeed perplexed us in many ways, but still, some brands cannot be ignored while buying the specific devices.

Super Asia air cooler has also pillared its name in the field of air plus room coolers. This can be realized and assured by seeing the ratings of the brand on the internet. Shopkeepers are very much concerned about switching to Super Asia for being the tag name in the market place. It is also giving us a plethora of types for the Super Asia air cooler.

Super Asia room Cooler ECM 4500 is in the range of 14,500 – 17000 PKR. It is slim in size with light and straightforward color tints for home-usage. It has a fan on the front side and maintenance zone in the lower portion. While Super Asia room Cooler ECM 5000 is coming to you with updated features plus price tag as 18,000 – 20000 PKR. The same price tag lies for Super Asia room Cooler ECM 6000 with the design modifications a bit.

Super Asia room Cooler ECM 6500 is another type with a modified but excellent outlook for the price of 18,500 – 23000 PKR limit. Super Asia room Cooler ECM 8000 is at the rate of 22,000 – 25000 PKR for you. Air cooler price in Pakistan vary as per models of Super Asia, so it depends upon you that which model you are inclined to buy and why you are interested in it.